Lovely to meet you!

Thank you for stopping by my corner of the internet. In efforts to not mire you in soliloquy, here’s my simplified outlook.

Level, poised, kind, brimming with dad jokes, and all the pertinent hedonism. I’m truly passionate about the opportunity to be there for you, to whatever extent you prefer. Firm believer in how healthy touch and laughter can be. Always non-judgmental, don’t discriminate on any front, and don’t believe in “weird”.

Photo of Grace Harlow
Photo of Grace Harlow

Being respectful and practicing good hygiene are far more relevant than any quirks. Creating the custom warm sensual moments we all crave are my priority. I often come across quite formal in text (corporate habits die hard), but assure you I’m a witty passionate sweetheart in person.

As a lifelong chameleon, I am equally content with Michelin stars, as with sitting on a curb in some developing country with a can of tuna. Good company and banter is what counts to me. Pragmatic to a fault, would rather buy stocks than a handbag. (Although, some bags do outperform the S&P haha).

At a glance

Height 5’7″
Measurements 33-24-34 (13% body fat)
Age 29
Bust Natural
Dress 0/XS
Shoe 7.5/8
Tattoos None
Poison Bourbon, mezcal, champagne
Hobbies Leaving the country, meeting you, and lifting weights
Vaccine Status Vaccinated and boosted
Photo of Grace Harlow
Photo of Grace Harlow

Kind Words

Respect of my no review policy is appreciated. So in lieu, here are a few treasured/comical notes sent to me after dates.

“Your depth and emotional bandwidth is bar none. Thank you for making me feel loved yesterday”