Freshly washing hands, and a swig of the provided minty mouthwash upon arrival put me at ease. If you’ve just escaped work, I also have unscented toiletries available. I strive to be unscented for both your discretion and any allergies.

Apparel requests

I welcome apparel requests, especially for longer dates. My default is classic black, natural makeup, and heels. If there’s a look that stood out to you on Twitter, or a hue you prefer (other than pink/purple) I’m happy to accommodate.

If you’re so inclined to don some novelty socks for our date, I’ll be highly amused.


I treat all dates as if an NDA were in place, but am more than happy to make it legally binding.

Photo of Grace Harlow
Photo of Grace Harlow

Food and Beverages

If you imbibe, you’re very welcome to bring something for us to enjoy together, as I enjoy expanding my knowledge of spirits. Mezcal was my first love, but have been keen on bourbon and scotch too of late. Dry champagne is always festive and refreshing, and any non-sweet red or white wine is also appreciated.

I do have a few food sensitivities, which I’m always able to navigate subtlety and without a fuss. But if you must know, they’re mostly as follows:

  • Chocolate, food coloring, garlic, onions, sodium nitrate (used to cure meat. Translation: I’ll make quite a dent in the cheese and crackers on a charcuterie board, if you help with the meat)
  • I never tire of sushi, and find it wildly conducive to dates, as it’s light. Anything from grocery store sushi to omakase brings a genuine smile to my face. If you’re less keen on raw fish, just please give me two options of your favorites.
Photo of Grace Harlow